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Melissa J. Shea has been a successful small business owner and real estate investor since October of 1996 when she purchased her first business, Everyday Travel, at the age of 22. Since that time, Melissa has founded several small businesses including Shea Investments, Inc, a real estate note Investment Company and she is the President and partner of the Long Island Real Estate Investors Association (LIREIA). The LIREIA is a real estate education association committed to harvesting an active membership and providing the resources, skills, networking opportunities and education needed to succeed in any real estate marketplace and in any environment.

Melissa is active in the real estate educational world outside of the LIREIA as well, hosting educational seminars on how to structure and finance deals and rehabbing distressed properties, two of her real estate investing strengths. Her goal is to inspire individuals to attain financial freedom through real estate investing. She is a licensed NY salesperson and has experience in negotiating short sales.

Since May of 2004, Melissa and her business partners have acquired over 300 units in their portfolio and Melissa has personally been involved in more than 200 real estate transactions since that time. Her real estate transactions include acquiring an 80 unit complex in New Albany, MS and over 200 multifamily units and 60 single family houses in the Birmingham, AL area. In addition, Melissa has structured over 20 different real estate/mortgage notes that pay investors between 7% -14% on their investments.

Currently Melissa has been staunch advocate of emergency housing for victims of abuse and for sober housing throughout Long Island, NY, and Birmingham, AL, providing housing, food and weekly house meetings. Melissa is a mother of seven children and believes in living life abundantly despite all obstacles.