Goal: The target is to earn the same salary as you currently have with your present employer by following a monopoly type business model for real estate. Wholesale multiple properties or Rehab 3 properties and then purchase a passive income investment. Thus it will be your choice to leave your current employment, financial independence will have been achieved.

Benefits: Financial independence and quality of life. This program allows you to structure your time and working hours. You will learn about Wholesaling, Rehabbing, Short Sales, REOs, Creative Financing Techniques, Raising Private Money and other business & real estate principals and techniques.


• Set up of a NY Subchapter corporation
• Corporation Kit with Seal
• Access to Hard Money financing for rehabs
• Bird dog training
• 10 workshops
• 4 field inspections
• Monthly accountability calls, both individual and group
• 1-year subscription to SUCCESS magazine
• Consultation with accountant
• Consultation with attorney
• Consultation with mortgage broker
• Consultation with credit counselor
• Consultation with SD IRA rep



Must be a Member of LIREIA

• Strong desire to succeed
• Commitment to follow through and listen on tasks
• Complete tasks in a timely manner
• Can overcome obstacles
• Ability to do marketing for deals

Please fill in the information below or email us at info@mentoringmasterminds.com or call the office at (631) 504-6097.

This program is designed to hold you, as well as us, Mentoring Masterminds Mentors, accountable to each other. If you don’t make money in real estate, why should we make money as your mentor? Your ability to make money depends on many factors including the time and effort you are willing to commit to making the business work. If you are completely brand new and know nothing about real estate investing and flipping houses then you will need to spend more time and effort than someone that has experience under their belt. With any real estate investing program you can make a lot of money or you can also lose money.  One of the principals of Mentoring Masterminds is a licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of New York.