“About a year ago, we both decided to pursue our interests in real estate investing.  We had not known where to turn or how to even get ourselves involved.  Our first step was to join the Long Island Real Estate Investing Association, so that we could network and gain some more knowledge.

Upon attending these meetings, we had begun to pick up on certain lingo and terminology that was once foreign to us.  There was also some speaking of an apprenticeship program called “Mentoring Masterminds” which was run by two investors themselves, Chris and Melissa.  When we delved in further, we had found ourselves signed up and ready to start our class.

With the start of Mentoring Masterminds, the two of us as partners have attained knowledge that we had never expected.  We find our education, through the guidance of Chris and Melissa, is flourishing.   Aside from the educational background they provide, they are only a phone call, text or email away from providing us with quick response to any of our real estate questions.  The attentiveness of our two Mentors has been unbelievably helpful over the past few months.  The program has taught us so much and yet has so many benefits to still offer.  We could not be any more happy with how much something like this could kick start our dream.

A year after we began this journey, and are currently apprentices in MM, we are leading conversations with people of different investing backgrounds.  At the LIREIA meetings, our confidence flows out of us through everything we have attained thus far.  We would recommend the program for any individual who is motivated but may need some guidance to jump right into real estate investing.”

Will Roulette and Jamie Beagen - The BRW Group

Apprentice Students Renee Britton and Susan Dominguez with their Mentor Melissa Shea at a closing for a rehab property they are doing in Merrick, NY.


“I do not typically go out on a limb and just “INVEST” thousands of my hard earned $$ into any type of educational/learning program with the so called latest and best of CD’S, Books, and software programs”.  However there was something about meeting Chris and Melissa in person that said right from my heart that these guys are for REAL!!

I have enjoyed every monthly class, monthly LIREIA meeting, conference call, and one on ones in the field to the fullest and have leaned alot (even though I had 5 properties when joining)!  I learn something literally everyday!  I love this program, I can now see it is my calling!  Forget the National programs with their huge upfront fee’s, Mentoring Masterminds lets me EARN WHILE I LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Brian Zarb

Apprentice Student Anderson Minaya talks about how he got started with Mentoring Masterminds and what he has gotten out of the program so far.


The Halesite House was a GREAT opportunity to get involved with investing as a Hard Money Lender, we were looking for a way for our money to make more money than just sitting in the Bank or an IRA. The process from beginning to end went smoothly and all information from Comps to the Rehab Costs were provided and fully explained. Any and all questions were answered and the process was made easy with both Melissa and Chris.  They were there every step of the way. We are in constant contact with the both of them getting updates on how the project is progressing. George and I would not hesitate to invest with our other Mentoring Mastermind classmates again and we are looking forward to the next project.

Susan & George Dominguez - Reassuring ServicesReassuring Services